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Digital Technology from abc

We are pleased to present our Transmitter/Receiver unit, the abc AR-37.

This state-of-the-art digital unit enables our production studio to upload the broadcast directly over the telephone line to the receiving unit at each location.

The abc AR-37 transmitter provides excellent playback quality when broadcast over telephone lines.

The AR-37 eliminates the use of tapes or flash cards and is a maintenance free digital operating unit. None of the components of the existing telephone systems are replaced as the AR-37 is a simple add-on component.

The AR-37 is a completely hands free operating unit supplied by abc for the express purpose of Information Broadcasting.

How it works.

The AR-37 will work with any business telephone system that has music on hold (MOH) capability. This feature is located on the "main telephone box" or key service unit (KSU) of the telephone system. In most cases, a simple connection cord is used to connect the on hold playback equipment to the telephone system, similar to hooking up headphones to a stereo along with a cord to be hardwired into the system by a trained technician.

If you are currently playing radio or other music on hold, your telephone system is already set up to use on hold programs. You will just need to replace your current audio source with the on hold playback equipment.

If you have nothing playing on hold, a call to the company that installed the telephone system or the company that services it would have the information about your telephone system's MOH capability. In addition, abc has an extensive reference list of compatible telephone systems.

If your telephone system is not currently MOH capable, many systems are easily adapted for this feature with an additional cartridge or programming. Once again, the telephone technician who services the system would be the best source of information.

If your company has a single line system without the main KSU box, you do not have a business telephone system and may not be able to use on hold messages. There are alternatives for single line applications which we would be happy to discuss with you. If you need information on implementing a business telephone system, an abc representative can help.