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The abc Community Information Broadcast System replaces the local radio station or silence with information about the community. Callers will still speak to someone when the phone is answered, but if they are put on hold, they hear about the community Not only are callers questions possibly answered, they may also receive information that may not have been known about the community.

Newsletters and posted reminders often fail to reach the community, leaving many residents unaware of important dates, meetings and community events. Many call the office for one item of information, but with the Community Information Broadcast System, they hear valuable community information the complete time while on the line.

The Community Information Broadcast System is a convenient way for callers to receive professionally produced announcements. Messages contain information regarding community events, tax deadlines, watering schedules, monthly calendar of upcoming events and any other information valuable to the residents. Existing clients use many items of information in their broadcasts, including everything from updated pet by-laws to new hours for the municipal landfill.

This system is designed to update information monthly from our digital recording studio and delivered over telephone lines to the town office. The programs are stored digitally on a receiving unit that connects to your existing phone system and the broadcast is heard on all lines of the office telephone system. Callers access the broadcast information system by simply being put on hold.

abc Telecommunications delivers the message, keeping residents informed on community related activities and is a valuable tool for progressive communities.