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Our solid state digital broadcast/receiving device was designed for the specific purpose of high quality on-hold messaging with minimal handling by the customer. Programs are produced in our digital recording studios and delivered directly over telephone lines to each location. No tapes, flash cards or compact discs have to be handled by the client. The programs are stored digitally on this device which is attached to the existing telephone system and the broadcast is heard on all telephone lines.

By having clients listen to the radio while on-hold, it's difficult to meet everyone's tastes. Callers may be annoyed and feel as if they are on-hold longer than they actually are when a radio station is tuned to a station that does not match their tastes or is slightly off the frequency. By having callers hear about the company while waiting on the line is much more productive and positive, as they hear company information directly or indirectly related to their reason for calling. It lets callers know more about your company.

There are several items that are valuable to your clients, or more importantly prospective clients while waiting on hold such as the various services and products your business has to offer.

The service includes all voicing, scriptwriting, licensed music, broadcast quality production, playback equipment with complete support and updated message changes.

All abc announcers have radio and television experience ensuring that only the highest level of professionalism is established in creating awareness of the business in a complete broadcast environment. Our copywriting department has the knowledge to provide quality scripts and all producers have qualified radio, television and film backgrounds assuring our clients of quality products at all times.

Information in the broadcast is programmed in such a way that if a caller is on hold for only a few seconds, they still hear valuable information within that moment. The message continuously plays through and then seamlessly starts again at the beginning after playing through.

We provide an interesting and informative audio presentation about your business. Inevitably, we all get put on hold and when that happens, the digital service we provide is a superior alternative to the radio or silence while on-hold and is a valuable customer relations tool for progressive businesses.